Quality assurance

We guarantee high quality of all the parts. Why you can be assured of proper quality parts WETZ? There are several reasons:

  1. Parts developed in cooperation with the German laboratory (in this case our experts will take into account all the technological features of the production process).
  2. All items WETZ certified and have been tested, as evidenced by numerous reports.
  3. Production is protected against forgery — the identification code and QR-Code. If you enter the last code, you will come to our official website. Here you can see the date of manufacture of the specific details, as well as the date of its packaging and quality control department, as evidenced by a stamp, which you can see on the box.
  4. We do not hide their legal information. The company is open to each client and partner!
  5. Do you want to make sure our quality? Read the positive reviews that have left our grateful clients on the Internet.
  6. All parts have a reliable package which eliminates the possibility of mechanical damage during transportation.
  7. Developed by WETZ special support program for each client ( WETZ-Assistant is ).

All these many arguments are proof of the high quality and reliability of our products. Turning to us, you will not regret their choice.