Valves for K-series engines


Intake and exhaust valve KTTA19 and KTA50

The intake and exhaust valves WETZ , created by professionals, specifically to operate at high temperature drops, which is important in the Russian context.

We have tried to consider all the smallest details and manufactured valve of high-hot bar of steel by landing at the same time for the inlet valve we used chromium-steel flint, and for the exhaust valve, heat-resistant steel with the addition of nickel and manganese. For best results in valves WETZ applied combined production technology — a rod of low alloyed steel is welded to the head of the heat-resistant steel, which runs phase induction hardening at a temperature above the critical point, and the holiday occurs at low temperatures, which allows for exceptional hardness — of more than 50 HRC ( !) These properties of the exhaust valve head allow it to not burn through a long period of time.

Camshaft for K-Series engines


Camshaft KTTA19

Before you camshaft WETZ , created by professionals for use at high loads and temperature drops, which is important in the Russian context.

In the production of the camshaft, mind you, we tried to develop the most advanced German and Russian experts. The blank of high carbon steel, obtained by hot stamping. After turning, multi-stage thermal processing (annealing, quenching and tempering), has made a camshaft high strength and wear-resistant.

The subsequent, final sanding camshaft profile WETZ a special, high-precision equipment, guarantee the accuracy of the diameter of the bearing journals and cam absolute symmetry.