Fuel and oil filters WETZ


The fuel and oil filters for engines K-series.

WETZ offers quality and not expensive fuel filters for engines K-Series: FS1212, FS1006, FF42000, FF5052 , FF5485, FS1242, FS1280, FS19732. As well as oil filters for engines K-Series: LF670, LF3325, LF777, LF16015 , LF9009.

Oil and fuel filters KTTA19 and KTA50 manufactured on modern equipment, using high-quality filter paper phenolic impregnation. Filters WETZ meet all the requirements of manufacturers of original filter elements.As bandwidth filter particulate filter fluid temperature and the degree of its purification filters WETZ  on the right are on a par with the world’s manufacturers of filters for engines of large volumes.

Rate the quality of performance, efficiency in operation and acceptable cost filter WETZ !