WETZ attaches great importance to the support of its customers. We strive to create a friendly environment and an expert in relations with our partners. That is why we consciously distinguish the relationship with our customers in a separate program support WETZ ASSISTANT . This program was developed in cooperation with the marketing department of MM GA in Bavaria (Germany), and contains a key customer support services.


With German (as well as from the English) language, « assistant Have» — translated as assistant. Your assistant in all matters related to engine repair and use of spare parts WETZ . To start the program, you do not need to pay or anything. By signing with WETZ contract, you automatically become a participant of the program — a kind of privileged club, whose members WETZ always to the rescue!

Support Program combines several effective and convenient services:

  • Convenient forms of communication, through which you can get highly professional advice on quality, installation, interchangeability of parts WETZ .
  • In-house service centers in Kemerovo, containing the most modern equipment and highly qualified staff to carry out the repair of any complexity.
  • Outing, service teams, equipped with everything necessary for the repair of machinery in the «field» conditions.
  • Extended warranty, in which  WETZ  provides guarantee up to a year or only of defective parts, but also in other parts associated with this piece that came down through the fault of the primary breakdown.

More no company in Russia did not provide as extensive and comfortable support for the program! Become a client WETZ to vote European level of service!


KuzbassEast Region (Kemerovo): + 7 3842 452 469

MoscowWest Region (Moscow): +7 495 727 70 65