Information for Dealers

Would you like to become our dealer? It is not only simple, but also extremely profitable! You can cooperate with us and at the same time expect a good profit. Why is it advantageous to work with a company WETZ ? Our company offers a flexible and democratic pricing policy as transparent as possible the conditions and individual approach.

By working with us you will be able to save money, which means the possibility of a lighter stable earnings. Company WETZ gives you the opportunity to earn your business partners that in a difficult economic situation, it is very important. The discount for dealers up to 30% and applies to all parts WETZ !

In addition to democratic prices and quality, our company’s parts are protected against forgery, and also have a strong thoughtful packaging and all labels. In addition, the company has extended warranty program and providing customer support. Such favorable conditions not a single Russian company. That’s why you can be sure that the parts are successfully sold, and you will receive a steady income!