Information for Clients

Want to find available cheap and high-quality spare parts KTTA19 and KTA 50? Just give us a call and verify you are interested in the details. Our managers will be happy to advise you on all questions.

Many clients are wary of unoriginal different brands, believing that it is a fake poor quality. WETZ hurry to dispel your doubts! WETZ is an independent brand that does not copy the original parts, and replaces them with better and more affordable. It can be compared with other analog company like the Bosch , which develops components for passenger cars. If you need to buy wipers for cars or other items, you are unlikely to turn their attention to the costly originals. It is much better to give preference to at least a qualitative counterpart.

Parts WETZ have all the necessary certificates, which are evidence of the high quality products. In addition, the parts have been tested, the results of which indicate their durability and reliability.

It is worth noting that WETZ has a special customer support program, so you can not be afraid to cooperate with us: for all products subject to the extended warranty period, during which experts free eliminate any malfunction in parts, if any arise.