WETZ actively collaborates with its customers (including potential customers), and with the authorized dealers. If you want to cooperate with us, just call the number that is listed on our website, our managers will answer all your questions.

If you are a dealer, you can feel free to contact us, because the work with the company WETZ profitable! Thanks to a transparent price policy and individual approach, you will be satisfied with such a long and fruitful collaboration.

You will not regret choosing WETZ . Our company is distinguished by the customer program, so we are always in touch with the buyer, even after the parts have already been purchased.

For cooperation to be fruitful and beneficial, we provide warranty service, so you can not be afraid of any sudden breakdowns. For more information about our work, you can always read in a review, as well as on our website in the FAQ section.

WETZ is an independent brand and not counterfeit. It can be compared with the brand Bosch for passenger vehicles. If you decide to buy wipers for your car, you probably do not pay attention to the way the original, but at a cost, but no less quality analog. Our company operates on the same principle, so you can be sure of the reliability of parts WETZ .