Company’s mission

Our main mission, principle, idea, purpose — is «Focus on quality»! We do not get tired of repeating it, and this inscription can be found on each part of theWETZ ! But what does this inscription?

Initially, we as a pro, was born the protest. We did not agree with the regular and justified price increases. We did not agree with the market realities in which the life of hard ware, deliberately reduced. We were not willing to work in a continuous search for alternative technologies aimed at saving only, and not the quality. And we decided that we can no longer put up with the status quo. Now everyone can order spare parts WETZ and ensure their quality.

In collaboration with German experts, we have developed our own routings that take into account all the operations and their sequence in the production cycle.

We strive to meet our slogan and pay great attention to the details of the production, sourcing of raw materials to the technological production equipment.

We are committed to honesty and openness! Consumers should know that the original parts — not always the best choice, and that, under the cover of the notorious «originality», often comes to the market a large number of low-quality spare parts. Maybe it is time to try to compare, try to start saving, try to find out what technology is changing?

We are committed to sustainability! In the pursuit of profit, many have forgotten that on this planet after us will have to live our children! We pay great attention to environmental and cooperate with many young professionals — graduates of technical high schools in Bavaria (Germany), Moscow and Kuzbass (Russia) and we try to take into account their recommendations in the field of production, performance and utilization.

His concentrated work, we want to prove ourselves to our partners and our competitors that quality parts at reasonable prices, this is not science fiction, but today.