Innovations and development

WETZ has always been, is and will be, open the brand! We do not just say that we are better in certain areas, we are one of the few who are ready to prove it in detail! And most importantly, you can evaluate our innovation and development in practice!

In one section, it is impossible to tell about all our developments in recent years, but without even a superficial information, you can assess the extent of our passion to find new technologies and alternative production routes.  WETZ became one of the first who began to give great importance to the acid-metalosplavov, significantly reducing corrosion by reacting with the combustion products, especially after the engine stops.

WETZ puts a lot of effort in development, allowing to minimize the cost of the process of spraying parts crystals of silicon carbide, which significantly increases the hardness of the metal. Note that, until recently, the operation is considered to be very expensive! With the constant change of great importance for the innovative technologies we have global metal prices of alloying elements on the application of the atomic lattice of iron. Combined addition of nickel, chromium, manganese, molybdenum and other elements, we achieve the best results, while reducing production costs.

Engines of our innovations and developments are young professionals from all over the world. With offices in Europe, USA, China and Russia, we launched the program «the Initial Ideas» — a program of interaction with graduates of technical universities in Bavaria (Germany), Chongqing (China), Moscow and Kemerovo (Russia).

We take new ideas that would later experience in a scientific laboratory and ferro alloys metals manufacturing technologies in Germany. We pay program«Initial Ideas» of great importance, as the future must begin now!