About company

WETZ — Russian-German brand created by professionals! Development and production of spare parts for diesel engines construction equipment — our element! WETZ — from the German verb «wetzen» — sharpen, hone, sharpen. «Honing» deficient in practical and «sharpening» its focus on quality and efficiency, we manufacture spare parts for you WETZ !

Brand WETZ born as a necessity in the late 00-ies. Market «Heavy Equipment Parts» (spare parts for special equipment) with unreasonably expensive original parts manufacturers official and the influx of low-quality Chinese-made analogues were needed reliable and affordable avtermarketovye parts. Nowadaysbuy spare parts K19 and K50 high quality you can in our company.

Creating brand WETZ , we have sought to respond effectively to the needs and demands of our partners. So we adopted the logo in the form of gear — a small but very important details of a large engine, which has been carefully designed and thoroughly marked before going into production. A slogan «the FOCUS the ON QUALITY»  — (focus on a) fully reflects our mission!

From the very first day, we did not want to be like other manufacturers of spare parts. We are looking for more efficient, more practical, more economical and environmentally friendly ways of development and production. Most of our items, we are developing technical guidelines and in contact with experts research laboratory for the study of the chemical and physical properties of metals in Germany.

More information about the spare parts production technology WETZ , you can find in the «Innovation and Development».