Spare parts for construction equipment WETZ

Welcome to the official website WETZ® — a global manufacturer of spare parts for diesel engines! With offices in the US, China, Europe and Russia, we can offer you an amazing combination of price and quality!

On this site you will easily find:

• High-quality spare parts for diesel engines K-Series
• For information about the brand WETZ , its history, mission and principles
• Information on the application and installation of spare parts WETZ
• For information about spare parts authenticity WETZ

Spare parts WETZ comply with international quality regulations and technical standards, manufacturers of diesel engines, as evidenced by certificates of conformity and test reports of independent research centers!

Why choose us? There are several reasons for this:

1. Quality assurance of the products
2. Own development in the production of
3. Careful approach to the selection of suppliers of blanks
4. Sophisticated pricing policy
5. The multi-client support
6. Constant presence in the Russian stock balance

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Съемки цикла видеороликов WETZ в Москве